Interview: Wray TCK

Old school name, crew & city?
Wray, and Rock/Dream/Magic Sly Squard, TCK (The Crazy Kids, The Crushin' Kings) Roskilde, Denmark.

When and how did you get startet?
A friend from my school back then told me he had seen the exhibition "New York Graffiti" at Louisiana, in 1984.

It sounded boring, but the next day he brought the catalogue from the exibition and showed it to me. When I saw the front page with a bombed subway train on, I thought that it was so cool. In the catalogue there where paintings by Seen, Quik, Blade and Zephyr for instance. The same day I started drawing letters and a few days after I went to do my first piece with a couple of friends who also became hooked at graffiti.

When was your first train?
There where no trains nearby so it wasn't until 1986.

How many writers where there in Roskilde back then?
I think, in the beginning of 1985, about 8-10 people, but most of them where just tagging/bombing.

Who were your partners in crime back then?
Mike, Zime, Rock4. And later on Dism, Rezk, Basik, Kare and Coma (RIP)

How did you get in contact with writers in other cities?
Once in a while we went to Thomas P. Hejle in Copenhagen and here we met different writers from the city. According as we were from Roskilde we also were regarded as a bunch of yokels. Therefore no one really wanted to hang out with us…

Tell us about your visit to Aalborg in 1986
It was a trip in the summerholiday with Dism who came from the city. He knew most of the writers from the city so we went out painting quite a few times.

Did you visit other cities?
No, not really.

Maybe outside of Denmark?
A single trip to New York.

Which writers have influenced you?
Kyle, Freez, Dimmer, Sketch, Shame, Bates, Ice

How do you see the scene back then compared to today?
There were a lot more creativity. Back then you were wack if you bite from other and you really had to hear for it. Today you can go and buy a magasin or look at the internet and bite all you want. Back then style was important. Today, in my opinion, there are a little too many who paints ugly letters without structure and call it new school.

There are lots of things that has become easy today. Back then we made our own fatcaps and mixed the colors you couldn't get for instance.

Back then people had more respect and you didn't just paint over others stuff. You didn't paint on private property or private cars - today people don't care a shit.

If you wanted to see the new pieces that had been painted you would have to take the train or your bicycle to see it. You would have to sit and wait at the stations for hours if you wanted to see trainpieces. You were lucky if someone had pictures from Amsterdam or New York. Today you can see graffiti from all over the world on the internet a couple of hours after it has been painted.

Are you still painting?
I'm not that active but it happens that I do a little from time to time. I always care a Posca in my pocket.

How is the graffiti scene today in Roskilde?
Most of the new graffiti are painted on the legal walls, but it happens that I see a new crime piece. There will always be toys, runinng around bombing for half a year or so and then dissapear. I do my own stuff now so really I don't see myself as a part of the scene anymore.

What impact has graffiti had on your life?
I seriously got into drawing and painting and got my self an education as graphic designer. I met a lot of weird and nice people and I had a lot of funny experiences and adventures.
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